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IndSTT Major Projects


Since ages, conventional construction methods have been the main system of development and management of Subsurface Utility Infrastructure in Indian cities. With the rapid growth of urban centers employability of such methods is increasingly becoming difficult. The result is that the development or management process, either is accompanied with a lot of devastation, or is totally avoided till the extreme limits, leading to a faster deterioration of such networks.

The viable alternative, however, is to use Trenchless Technology to execute such projects and avoid large destruction on the ground surface. But due to low sensitization levels amongst the stakeholders, usage of Trenchless is restricted and growth of this engineering is stinted. In order to remove such impediments IndSTT is working on project mode in the following sectors:

  1. Technology Promotion

  2. Technique Standardization

  3. Developmental Activities

  4. Contractual Activities

  5. Educational Activities

We invite you to work with us in all or any of the above areas.

If you require to commission any project in any of the above areas viz. Technology Promotion, Technique Standardization, Developmental Activities, Contractual activities, or Educational Activities in Indian or South Asian region please contact us.

We would be interested to develop sector related Reports, or conduct Researches or Studies, support Promoting all or any Trenchless Technique or Trenchless Product or Trenchless Event through stakeholder sensitization in India or other South Asian Nations.