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IndSTT Role in Promotion of Trenchless Technology


Technology Promotion :-

For South Asian region Trenchless Technology is relatively a newer technology and requires substantial promotion for proper adoption. With the recent Government of India initiative in the shape of Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission the region is witnessing a sharp rise in the demand of trenchless techniques for subsurface network development and management. Further, as these techniques are also developing rapidly world wide, the promotional activities have to be done on a mission mode. There are several stakeholders having requirements for services and at the same time there are several service providers who can fulfill these requirements. The need is to bring these two type of people on the same platform and this can only be done effectively through technology promotion. IndSTT has undertaken few projects in this direction.

  1. Establishment of Task force for Application of Trenchless Technology in JnNURM Cities;

  2. Country Report for providing information about Indian Trenchless needs;

  3. IPOTT report for ISTT;

  4. Technology Promotional activities through No Dig India Journal;

  5. Technique Promotion Workshops;

  6. Technology Promotion Seminars

If you require to commission any project for promoting Trenchless Technology in Indian or South Asian region please contact us.

We would be interested to develop  Reports, or conduct Researches or Studies, support Promoting all or any Trenchless Technique or Trenchless Product or Trenchless Event through stakeholder sensitization in India or other South Asian Nations.